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Shane Dangers
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Shane Dangers This is cheap, tacky, self- produced-in-a-bedroom-on-a-dime, synthesizer music at its' cheesy best! Such a ridiculously fun EP!!! FL❤RES surely had as much fun making these jams as i have dancing around to them

The style is basically electro
but .. FL❤RES plays by his own rules. Yes it's also vaporwave, but this is all original music here and usually some of the best kind of vaporwave is sample free, especially the now very well known George Clanton.. FIRE!! Favorite track: i c e ~ c r e a m.
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FROSTeato Ok, definitely I got a better impression of F L ♥ R E S now than the one in music for cats, which despite the great instrumentals, the vocals were terrible. And this one doesn't get too far also, but i'm guessing he really likes to put his voice in high reverb and below the melody. Even though this one has solid and very nice 80's beats and vibes and also very catchy that I assume even, it is original work.
I like it.
It is my Favorite track: ☆ f i z z ☆.
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JULIA ROBOTS ^_^ Some of the Best Sounding VaporFunk Ever
Thugga' Styles all the Way! ... Favorite track: i c e ~ c r e a m.
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2015 - F L ♥ R E S フラワーズ


released June 26, 2015


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